Eating and food is so varied for every individual, we all have our preferences, and dislikes, and children are no different.The concept of eating can bring challenges, meltdowns, or stress whether that be preparing healthy lunchboxes (that your kids actually enjoy!), fussy eaters, or eating disorders. However, remember that food and eating as a family can also bring joy and connection.

We can help our children in dealing with the challenges of food in many different ways. This may be through setting aside some time to cook a healthy meal together as a family, eating together and practicing gratitude during dinner time, letting your child have a voice around some foods, or seeking support from others.

Healthy Eating

A healthy, balanced lunch is a fantastic way to provide your child with the nutrients they need to play and learn well throughout the day. Through involving your child in making their lunch, and choosing from healthy options, this will make them more likely to enjoy the food packed in their lunch. 

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Fussy Eating

For children, learning to eat and enjoy food is one of those things that can take time, and patience on the parents behalf. ‘Fussy’ eating is common in children, and is something that children often grow out of. Through setting clear consistent rules about food, providing a variety of foods to try, and giving your child some choice can support in developing your child’s eating habits. 

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Eating Disorders

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