Family Harm
Kino ā whānau

Family Harm is defined as any act of violence which has been inflicted on one family member by another. Often, we think of Family Harm as physical violence however; there are more ways in which violence can be present in our family/whānau, intimate partner relationships and harm against children. Using emotional abuse, psychological abuse, threats and coercion, using intimidation, isolating behaviours, minimizing, denying and blaming, sexual abuse, economic abuse, and using children are all forms of Family Harm. We know that Family Harm has a huge effect on all members of a whānau.  

If you have concerns for yourself, family/whānau, friend or neighbour below are some links to more information which may help you to understand the dynamics of Family Harm and support services who you can call to get some advice and guidance.

If you are worried about your own safety or the safety of others a phone call to refuge can be the first step. If you have immediate concerns about your safety and or others then please call 111.

Resources to help:

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