Drugs/Alcohol and Gambling
Tarukino me te waipiro

Substance use, abuse and addiction are common in our current society. This use can include alcohol, drugs, gambling or anything else that can be used as a means of escape or ‘getting high’. In fact, approximately 12.3% of the NZ population will experience a substance use disorder at some point in their lives. This can cause major problems within families if being used by parents, tamariki or close extended whānau.

These numbers are very high for a small country and the NZ government is taking active measures to promote harm reduction across all 3 of those sectors – alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Young people aged 18-24 have the highest rates of hazardous drinking in the country. Statistics also show that our Maori population are more likely to experience harm from AOD use and gambling than non-Maori.

If you need help regarding your alcohol and drug usage, we recommend you call the Alcohol/Drug Helpline – call 0800 787 797 or text 8681 If you are concerned about your gambling, we recommend you call the Gambling Helpline – 0800 654 655 or text 8006.

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