Parental Separation

Parenting through a separation can be a hard time for children, parents/caregivers and whānau. There are many changes that can take place when a relationship breaks down such as; emotional (grief and loss), financial, moving house, changing schools, and children may have two homes.  You now have to co-parent with the other parent/caregiver and this can sometimes be challenging.

If there has been tension within the household, conflict, arguing, absences of a parent/caregiver then the separation can often feel like a relief for families/whānau and for children. The best people to support children at the time of separation are the people who are already supportive in their worlds, parents/caregivers, extended whānau, family friends and potentially someone they are comfortable to talk to at school. There are some great resources below to support you and your children on this part of your journey.

Resources to help:

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